The New Direction® Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) plan is a medically supervised, ketogenic fast. Ketosis is a state you enter after five or six days of low carbohydrate eating when you begin to burn fat very efficiently. Such a diet produces dramatic weight loss of about five pounds per week on average*.

On the Very Low Calorie Diet Plan our staff works closely with you to safely lose a significant amount of weight. This diet plan is a high protein, very low calorie diet that uses New Direction® meal replacement products as the sole source of nutrition. With an average weight loss of 5pounds per week, this is our most rapid weight loss program.


  • High protein, very low calorie diet consisting of an average of 600 calories per day for women and 800 calories per day for men. ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER CALORIES CAN BE CONSUMED WHILE ON THIS PLAN!!
  • New Direction Meal Replacements** provide 100% RDI for vitamins and minerals – no additional nutritional supplements are needed.
  • Because of the aggressive nature of the plan, weekly visits and routine lab work are necessary.
  • This plan is designed for specific patients:
    • Those who have failed at other programs and need to restore their confidence.
    • Diabetic or prediabetic patients.
    • Patients that have a large amount of weight to lose, at least thirty pounds.
  • We do not use gimmicks, hCG, fat burning injections, herbal remedies, or other unproven medical practices – ever!
  • Minimum commitment of 4 weeks, but can be done as long as a patient is tolerating it. After a patient is done with the VLCD, they will start the LCD plan to get to goal and for maintenance.

Benefits of the New Direction® Very Low Calorie Plan

  • Rapid weight loss builds confidence in your ability to lose weight
  • Medically supervised.
  • Decision Free – just follow the rules and you’re going to lose
  • Since no other food is eaten, allows for processing of behavioral issues you may have with food
  • Helps identify food allergies and sensitivities as food is added back in with the LCD.
  • Proven approach to weight loss backed by over thirty years of medical research and success by the company that provides the New Direction® meal replacements.

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These are average results. Individual results may vary.

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