The Modified Low Calorie Diet (ModLCD) plan is good choice for patients who would like to lose weight at a moderate pace of 2-4 pounds per week while still eating some real food.


  • Increased protein, moderate carbohydrate eating plan with New Direction® Meal replacements for two meals and maybe a snack, then a meal and snack of real food.
  • Nutritional supplements are encouraged and available at local sources – we’re not going to charge you crazy prices for supplements you don’t need!
  • Add more food in when ready or as you approach your goal weight.
  • We do not use gimmicks, hCG, fat burning injections, herbal remedies, or other unproven medical practices – ever!

Benefits of the Modified Low Calorie Diet Plan:

  • Keep the weight off forever – losing weight is tough and you don’t want to have to do it again.
  • Simple and easy to do.
  • Not as stringent as the VLCD but with many of the same advantages.
  • Allows for eating in social situations where VLCD does not.

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