Maintenance is the most critical portion of successful weight management yet often neglected. Your normal weight after weight loss is actually your initial weight and your body is programmed to try to make regain your lost weight. Maintenance is the period of time where you train your body to accept your new weight as your new normal so that you don’t have to do this all over again! It takes at least two years for this phase but the good news it’s really easy – you just have to participate.


  • Visits are every three months or more often if desired. Accountability is crucial!
  • Nutritional supplements are continued.
  • Maintain the same eating pattern you learned on the LCD – it works and allows you to eat just about anything you want in moderation!
  • You will be given some rules to follow and actions to take if certain weights are reached. This is all about actively managing your new weight until it sticks for good. Maintenance cannot be a passive process.

Benefits of the Maintenance Plan

  • Increased protein, moderate carbohydrate eating plan with New Direction® Meal replacements for two meals and maybe a snack, then a meal and snack of real food.
  • Nutritional supplements are encouraged and available at local sources – we’re not going to charge you crazy prices for supplements you don’t need!
  • Add more food in when ready or as you approach your goal weight.
  • We do not use gimmicks, hCG, fat burning injections, herbal remedies, or other unproven medical practices – ever!

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